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Summer/Fall 2009 : Newsletter : approx. time needed to review - 2 minutes
Greetings friends, family, clients + collaborators! 
Ice is beginning to form. The end of 2009 is near. It really was a wild one, but summer has come and gone.  
In this issue I am going to focus almost entirely on the Vancouver Convention Centre project with DDB Canada...why? 
Because this was a dream project for a dream client that was exhilarating, challenging, inspiring, collaborative and rewarding.
Most of you should know by now that my wife Chelsea and I have re-located to the family homestead of 125 years back in Saskatchewan. (Sept.’09 Press Release) We are absolutely loving it! It’s is a bit hard to explain but for those of you who are married or have a life partner, it’s kind of like the time when you first met. You just knew they were the one. 
Those of you who are not based in Saskatchewan (99.5% of you) don’t fear. There is an airport here, I enjoy flying and 
I have a fairly modest travel fee. In the last couple of months I’ve managed to complete several projects with great success that have taken me across this expansive country of ours! More about that in the next newsletter due early 2010.
I have an important announcement mentioned below.
Ok, I can’t wait.... 3.0 has been launched! Link below.
Check it out when you have a few minutes and let me know what you think.
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See you next year!
Sincerely, Kris.
Visit the Website: http://www.vancouverconventioncentre.comshapeimage_10_link_0
Have you seen the new karacters website?  Check it out! click here.
I was honored that they had a “Featured Bit” on our collaboration up for a few months. You can still see it here.
Recent Awards
The Objective was to create a library of images for the Vancouver Convention Centre that will serve
as the visual foundation for their marketing over the next 5 yrs.
Corporate Sales Brochure
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As announced back in Oct. “My City Moves Me” was awarded 1st place in the International Photography Awards -  Moving Image Category.  
For those of you who still have not seen it or for those who want to see it again,
it can now be viewed on the *New Portfolio Site.
See Moving Images
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We had Talon Helicopters take the door off of their Twinstar in order to get a clear view  with the Hasselblad H3D-50.
Shooting directly to the laptop allowed
art director Dan O’Leary to view the compositions as we took them.
Me, Lucas Finlay (digital tech) + art director Dan O’Leary. Lucas is also a Vancouver based photographer. Click link above to check out his stunning interior photographs.
IPA Best of Show reception at Splashlight Studios was a thrill. Met some wonderful people. I’m super excited about the Nadav Kander print that I purchased at the live auction in support of the Lucie Foundation. I’m absolutely humbled by Hossein Farmani + Susan Baraz and all that they are doing for photography.
We are lucky to have people like them who dedicate themselves to promoting the medium.
The Lucie Awards were as inspiring as ever. It’s amazing to witness so much talent and creativity in one room. I think it’s wonderful to have an award with such prestige that recognizes the legends in our field and also gives something for emerging photographers to work towards.